Affordable Blowing out Winterizing Irrigation Sprinkler Systems.

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By Dalton Quigley

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There is a difference between an irrigation system that has been blown out and one that hasn’t. The difference is that when spring rolls around and the system is started up

major repairs will have to be made. What repairs you may ask? Well a sprinkler system that hasn’t been blown out still had water in the pipes and other parts when

the frigid temperatures of winter hit which means there will be broken pipes, valves, and back flow preventers. These repairs will be costly.

Well there is a way to avoid all the extra cost of replacing broken pipes, valves, and back flow preventers, and that is to blow the water out of the system

in the late fall before the freezes start coming. Yes you can save your system from major damage each year by getting the water out of the lines and other parts.

Once spring rolls around you will once again be able to use your system normally after starting it back up. Our sponsors on this site have a list of clients each

fall to blow out and you can get on the list.

It is important to use someone who has done this before because to much air pressure and you can actually harm parts of the irrigation system. Too little air

used during blowing out an irrigation system and water will remain which can cause the problems you are trying to prevent.

What we want you to do now.

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