Benefits of irrigating your landscape or garden

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By Dalton Quigley

Three Benefits of Irrigating your Landscaping or Garden Areas.

There are many reasons to irrigate your property here are a few we thought of that will help with decision making regarding the purchase of an irrigation system. You are at the point where gathering information is important or maybe you are ready for an estimate either way we can help. With regard to your landscape an irrigation purchase is one of the best investments you can make. If you are like most people your landscape is planned, then a company is hired to install the landscape, and now you are wanting to protect your investment and save time in your schedule, here are some reasons to purchase an irrigation / sprinkler system.

Image of an Irrigation head spraying water.

Garden and Landscape Irrigation and Sprinkler Service Areas:

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University of Ohio Study reveals the real numbers on plant death without an irrigation system, with a system and summer watering only, and no irrigation system:

Death of plants in the non-irrigated plot shows a significant
difference with the two irrigated plots. Only the non-irrigated
plot showed plant death. Comparing the year-round irrigated plot
with the summer-only irrigated plot, the large p-value (0.716) in
the ANOVA main-effect model suggests that there is no significant
difference in plant growth between the two plots.

Source : University Irrigation Study

Our Three Benefits of Irrigating your landscape or garden.

1. Frees up time in your schedule! Not having to water by hand  frees up time in your schedule for more important tasks. Each shrub will need a few minutes of watering so the ground can get saturated enough to get the proper amount of water to the roots. Could you imagine how much time you will have to spend to make sure each plant is watered properly if you had to stand there and water by hand? For some people that is reason enough.

2. Watering occurs during critical times! Ok so you get busy if you are like most people and between work and family that takes up all of your available time. Your plants need to be able to count on the water or they will die in many cases, especially in the first year of planting here in the Nashville Middle Tennessee area. Once a new landscape is installed the first year is critical that watering occur every day once temperatures reach 90% and when the humidity is really low for an extended period. The regularity of watering is improved since water is applied without thought after setting the controller.

3. The health of your plants is protected! This one may be hard to quantify for some but regular watering keeps your plants from experiencing drought extremes so they are healthier. The plants and turf areas are healthier.

When you put all of the reasons together it is easy to understand how important and needed an irrigation system is to protect your investment and the health of your landscape.

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