Control your irrigation system from anywhere!

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At last an irrigation system you can control from anywhere.


With the Hydrawise app you can control your irrigation system from anywhere from your smart phone. Imagine simply opening an app and now you won’t have any need for someone to check on your system and make changes.

Hydrawise app image

With a few touches on your phone you will be able to see how much it has rained this past week, how much water you have used, and much more. A person with an existing irrigation system can have this controller added to their current system.

Your existing system can be modified to have a Hunter Hydrowise controller giving you complete control from anywhere.

If you have an existing irrigation system and want the new controller we can help. Get in touch with us today to schedule your system evaluation.

Download the app after your system is installed or controller is replaced on your existing system.

Downloading the app takes just a couple of moments and with your username and pass word the app opens and you have complete control.

You will be able to see at a glance the current weather, the forecast, and with the touch of a button stop the system, pick individual zones and turn them off or on. This is the greatest advance in irrigation in many years.

Get a hydrawise system today by contacting us for an estimate.

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