Cracked and Broken Irrigation and Sprinkler Lines, Pipes, and Hoses.

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What to do when you notice cracked/ broken irrigation/ sprinkler lines, pipes, and hoses.

Fixing-Broken-Irrigation-Sprinkler-Lines-Hoses-Pipes-Nashville-TN We also service Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

The most common time for damage to occur to your irrigation / sprinkler system is during the winter. Temperatures below freezing that last for several hours can cause pipes and hoses to burst causing damage that may not be immediately noticeable. Once spring rolls around and your system is started for the new season you may notice water shooting up from the ground like mini geysers.

What do I do when I see water shooting out of a broken irrigation line?

Contact us and we will work quickly to attend to the problem. This is a basic repair visit and costs range depending on the exact damage.

Irrigation Line Service Area: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

Locating the break in the line is important. Some questions to consider when looking to repair an irrigation/ sprinkler system leak are:

    * Do you see water bubbling up in the lawn and have you traced it back to the source?
    * If you have located the source where is that and what is it doing?
    * Do you see a crack in any metal fittings or backflow preventer?

Here is a short video outlining how to make the irrigation / sprinkler line repair yourself.

If you are going to attempt to make the repair on your own there are two kinds of irrigation/ sprinkler line and if and it is a simple pipe, line, or hose you will need.

White Irrigation/ Sprinkler pipe or line break:

First dig out the area where the leak appears to be coming from being careful not to cause additional damage. Once you can see the break you will need to cut the break out of the line.
You must cut the pipe cleanly and in a straight manner twice, once on each side of the break, clean away the small particles of plastic that will be present. You will need the PVC cleaner and glue, a section of pipe larger than the piece you cut out, and two sleeves. You will need the sleeves and pipe section to be the same size as the one you have removed so save that piece to bring to a store that sells irrigation line and parts. When you return to your work you will need to follow the logical procedure for working with PVC and now assemble your parts together for the repair.

Drip Irrigation Line / Hose break:

Once you have located the leak cut out the section of bad line, visit your local irrigation parts place and get a section that is greater in size than what you removed. You are going to need two couplings. The couplings for drip do not require glue or cleaner and are simply shoved into place. This is easier said than done, you will need pliars of some type for gripping because they are tough to attach. Good Luck.

If this process is something you do now want to attempt Contact us here –> Contact Page for Irrigation Help.


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