How Irrigation affects Mulches

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How Irrigation Affects Mulch

By Dalton Quigley

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Your home is your pride and joy and for most people it represents your most important investment. If you are like most people after you purchased the home and got settled in one day the landscape became a priority to get the aesthetics up to what you imagine your dream home to be. The plantings had to be right for the scale of the home and the shapes had to compliment the architecture, colors, and textures generated that mental feel you were going for. During all of the idea exploration about your plant, mulch, and soil investments to be made a conversation about watering and irrigation may have happened. So you installed an irrigation system to satisfy the need to keep everything watered on a regular schedule. You have achieved a balance between the landscape and your home and now you notice something different.

How does irrigation affect mulch?

Typically rain and water from irrigation is expected on the mulch so it should mostly stay put in normal environmental activity. One problem from too much water on mulch can be fungus so other than over watering mulch should be fine.

Mulch was displaced by water from irrigation.

Today you have come outside and noticed the mulch has been pushed over and away from an area by water coming from the irrigation system. Well in this instance you may have a broken head, line, or have the settings on the control panel set up incorrectly because too much water is flowing over the area. Ok don’t panic there is an easy fix no matter what the problem is. Set your controller to manual and turn on one zone at a time to see what is happening. Normally the mulch should get wet when watering happens and later in the day it dries out. At your home this is not happening like it should so look to the list below:

1. Is the water bubbling up out of the ground?

2. Is the water shooting out of the lower side of the sprinkler head because it is cracked?

3. Has the sprinkler head broken in any other way causing water to flow down over the sprinkler head and onto the mulch area?

Sprinkler heads are an easy fix and so is the pipe that supports the flow of water if you need to affect a repair. If you need someone like us to do the repair for you simply go to the top of this page and get in touch with us.

Irrigation can make your mulch wash down into the lawn and cause more maintenance as you have to rake it back and possibly lose it all together.

What we want you to do now.

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