What are water efficient Irrigation Sprinkler Nozzles?

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You may be wondering just what are water efficient irrigation sprinkler nozzles. The answer is just as obvious as it sounds, the nozzles that spray the water are better at conserving water in a water efficient system. The nozzle is the part specifically designed to spray water over a distance and any given manufacturer will have options in nozzles that are more and less efficient. We always install the most efficient and thereby save our clients money over the life of the irrigation system.

Irrigation / Sprinkler Turf or Landscape Spray Nozzle Below:


Why we purchase water efficient nozzles and how it affects the cost.

Many irrigation professionals are installing cheaper model sprinkler heads to have a cheaper price in a competitive bid situation. We always use the most efficient nozzles so you may pay a little more on the front end but your bill will reflect savings every month over the other models of sprinkler nozzles. We are all sharing the same sources of water so not only are you saving on the monthly water bill but you are leaving more water in the city’s water system for others.

Rainbird Nozzles below:

Here is a link to the Rainbird site and you can see how many types of nozzles there are – Nozzles.
If you are in the Nashville, Brentwood, Frankin, Spring Hill, or Nolensville TN areas and would like to change out your existing less efficient irrigation / sprinkler nozzles get in contact with us. We are here to help you.

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